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Miniature kalidescope pen and ink drawing by Dianne Levy. We are artists and international travellers: Images, stories and some travel recommendations from our world wandering are at World Images. The site is being updated to include fine illustrations completed during the years.

It now includes photographs of Hawaii at Christmas, the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti . . .

As time permits, we develop Web sites and Blogs for a variety of clients (see partial list left) with a focus on content development. Content is King: It is what determines your position on the search engines.

Projects, Friends and Associates

The Maritime Heritage Project, a 17-year-old internationally well-regarded California not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving West Coast shipping history. The Project focus is on ships, captains, passengers, merchants and merchandise arriving in San Francisco during the 1800s.

The Amazon Animal Orphanage
Iquitos, Peru.
Pedro Bello at the Amazon Animal Orphanage in Iquitos Peru.The Orphanage, an official "Centre of Custody" for abandoned and sometimes endangered animals, was established by Gudrun Sperrer. The Orphanage developed by "default." Gudrun initially developed Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm to illustrate the lifecycle of butterflies. Soon, locals and tourists began bringing abandoned and injured animals to the Farm, starting with Pedro Bello, the Jaguar (right). Her caring acceptance of the animals resulted in a most amazing orphanage . . . with owl monkeys, marmosets, red Uacaries, capuchins, howler monkeys, anteaters (who have beautiful fur!). Please stop by the site and please support endangered animals!